Turbonormalized 550 Approved for Cessna P/T 210’s

STC SA02918CH to Turbonormalize Cessna P210N’s & T210L, M, N’s.

Chillicothe, OH (June 3, 2011) – Vitatoe Aviation, LLC. announces the receipt of STC SA02918CH to install Teledyne Continental IO550P engines in Cessna P210N’s, Cessna T210L’s, M’s, and N’s while retaining the original turbocharger allowing for increased performance over the original TSIO520 and the naturally aspirated IO550 engines.

The IO550P engine has a higher compression ratio for improved fuel efficiency and power.  The new turbo-normalized configuration features dual intercoolers linking the Cessna turbocharger to the TCM tuned induction system for improved charge air cooling and distribution.  These additions have provided for cooler and more fuel efficient engine operations at all altitudes.

Observed flight tests have produced excellent results with Lean of Peak (LOP) cruise settings of 17.6 gallons per hour (GPH) producing speeds of up to 215 KTAS at 22,000 feet.  The Cessna P210N service ceiling is 23,000 feet.

Serviceability has also been enhanced and engine clutter reduced by the new location of the throttle body and induction tubes on top of the engine, compared to the original configuration of rear or bottom mounted locations.

The Cessna P210 airframe is a proven design offering many options and accessories.  In addition to the comfort of pressurization, the P210N has a proven record of reliable flight characteristics.  Now owners of existing P & T 210’s can have the latest engine technology, propeller technology, proven load capability, and enhanced performance for much less than the price of a new aircraft.

Two different Hartzell swept-tip design propellers are available with the STC for improved performance and quieter operation.

In addition to engine alterations, Vitatoe Aviation can arrange exterior, interior, and avionics packages with other nearby shops to bring Cessna P & T 210’s to better than new performance and appearance.

For additional questions or information on how to schedule a conversion, please contact Larry Vitatoe at (740) 773-2425 ext. 106 or larry.vitatoe@vitatoeaviation.com.

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