F.A.Q. Centurion TN550 – STC 02918CH


  1.  What does the basic package include?
The basic package includes a CMI remanufactured IO550P engine with a single 100 amp. alternator, choice of two Hartzell propellers, 6 point engine mount kit, pressurized magnetos, new dual intercoolers (aftercoolers) and hoses, new throttle cable, new mixture cable, new engine compartment hoses, ducts, baffles and seals, overhauled governor, overhauled boost pressure relief valve, CMI upper deck pressurization system, CMI calibrated fuel injectors, CMI altitude compensating fuel pump, turbo oil scavenge system, and new cylinder drain lines.  All labor for installation at our KCYO facility is also included.

  2.  My current aircraft has air conditioning. Is that compatible with the Vitatoe Aviation STC?
Yes, your original Cessna air conditioning compressor can be mounted at the right rear of the engine.  Three cables coming through the firewall will need to be relocated to accommodate the new air conditioning bracket.  There is an additional charge for air conditioning equipped aircraft.

  3.  Is this STC compatible with dual vacuum pumps?
Yes, dual vacuum pumps are not a problem and transferring your existing pump(s) to the new engine is included in the base package.  New, overhauled, or “wet” vacuum pumps are available for an additional charge.

  4.  Are dual alternators available with this STC?
We can add dual alternators as an option, even if your original application did not have dual alternators. We will need to specify that information when we order the engine from CMI.  CMI charges an additional fee for dual alternators and that will be passed along to the customer.

  5.  Even though 80% of the parts in a CMI remanufactured engine are new, I would prefer a completely new CMI engine.  Is that an option?
Yes, a new CMI engine is available.  The difference in cost from CMI of a remanufactured engine and a new engine is passed along to the customer.

  6.  My T210 has had the turbocharger removed when the Atlantic Aero IO550P package was installed.  Is it possible to restore the turbo to conform to the Vitatoe STC?
Yes, since you already have the 6 point mount kit, and the IO550P engine, it is fairly easy to reconfigure the engine compartment and add the equipment necessary to comply with the Vitatoe Aviation STC.  Credit is given for parts required for the Vitatoe STC that are already installed.

  7.  How do I schedule a conversion?
Contact Larry Vitatoe by phone (740) 703-0657 (cell) or email (larry.vitatoe@vitatoe.com) to check on available installation slots.

  8.  How long does the conversion take to complete?
Please plan on 12 -14 weeks from the time the aircraft arrives at KCYO.

  9.  Do I need to send a deposit to start the conversion process?
Yes, we require one half of the total expected price by wire transfer or check before the engine can be ordered from TCM.  We will also need serial number information for the aircraft and engine being used for the core.  Final payment for the conversion must be made before the aircraft is picked up or delivered.  Bank financing is available to qualified customers.  Contact Larry Vitatoe for more details.

  10.  Are additional services available while the engine conversion is being done?
We have 4 certified A&P technicians, including 2 who also have Inspection Authorization.  We also have two engineers on staff and a DER team under contract.  Several quality paint, interior, and avionics shops are nearby to coordinate additional modifications and maintenance during or immediately after engine conversion is completed.

  11.  My plane has an aftermarket intercooler.  Can it be reused in the STC?
No, all existing intercoolers are removed.  Frequently additional work is required to patch holes created by the installation of previous intercoolers.  Additional charges for repair and paint work may be necessary.  The left engine cover cowl has to be repainted due to oil filler door relocation. One color paint application is included in the base package.

  12.  What is the Time Between Overhaul for the IO550P engine?
Continental Motors Incorporated has established 2200 hours as the TBO for this engine.

  13.  I have read cruise horsepower for the Vitatoe Aviation STC can be as high as 262 BHP.  That is 85% of 310 BHP.  Can I safely cruise at that horsepower output level?
The IO550P engine is part of a CMI engine family including the IO550N, TSIO550A, B, C, E, G, and K engines.  These engines share the same crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rods, cylinders and most other major components.  The TSIO engines utilize pistons providing lower compression ratios.  Horsepower ratings range from 280 BHP to 360 BHP.  FAA certification documents indicate TCM has stated the IO550P engine may be continuously operated at up to 262 BHP at 2500 RPM in cruise configuration.  We have verified true output at altitude of our engine combination using our LeBow Torque Meter installed between the engine and propeller while operated in our standard cruise mode: 2500 RPM, 30” MP, 17.6 GPH.  Cruise output exceeding these settings is prohibited.

  14.  What are typical cruise settings?
After climbing to the desired cruise altitude, allow the aircraft to stabilize in straight and level flight and reduce engine speed to 2500 RPM.   Allow the aircraft to stabilize and reduce throttle setting to no more than 30” Hg. Manifold Pressure.  Smoothly and quickly reduce fuel flow to 17.6 GPH.  Allow the aircraft to stabilize and monitor CHT readings.  Close the cowl flaps and continue to monitor CHT readings.  If any CHT approaches 380°F or higher, gradually reduce fuel flow approximately .3-.4 GPH.  Continue to monitor CHT readings.  On very hot days it may be necessary to open the cowl flaps slightly to maintain CHT readings below 380°F.  Maintain at least 2300 RPM in cruise.

  15.  May I have the conversion done at my local shop?
We have obtained Parts Manufacturing Authorization (PMA) and can ship kits and parts to approved locations.  If possible, we recommend having the conversion performed by our experienced staff at KCYO, just south of Columbus, OH.  If you need to have the conversion done locally, we recommend the technician performing the conversion attend training sessions at our facility.

  16.  Operating specifications refer to fuel flow in Gallons Per Hour.  Is a recording engine monitor showing fuel flow required?
Yes, an acceptable engine analyzer capable of displaying and recording critical engine parameters is required.  Several commercial analyzers are acceptable.  Call Vitatoe Aviation for more information and clarification.

  17.  Is pickup and delivery of my aircraft available?
Yes, please contact Larry Vitatoe for arrangements.

  18.  My engine is disabled.  How can I get my airplane to KCYO?
We have a “loaner” TSIO520 engine available to ship to you.  We also have technicians that can travel to your airport to remove your damaged engine and install the “loaner” engine to enable the aircraft to be flown to KCYO. Additional charges will be calculated based on time and distance involved.  If your engine is too heavily damaged, it may not be eligible to be returned to CMI as a core.  We will make every effort to bring your core engine into compliance with CMI returnable core standards.

  19.  My C210 does not have a turbo charger.  Can this STC be installed with a turbo on my aircraft?
We have submitted application for inclusion of the C210 aircraft.  We will install the IO550P engine and turbo-normalize the engine by using the turbo system from a T210.  Performance is equal to a turbo-normalized T210.  STC approval is pending.

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