Cessna 206/207 Engine Conversion

  • The Most Efficient General Aviation Engine Available Today For Your Cessna 206 or 207 Aircraft
206207featureheaderWe can convert your IO-520-A, -F or IO-550-F to the most efficient engine available for GA aircraft today. This conversion may be performed when a top overhaul is required without removing the engine from the airframe, or at the time you are performing a major overhaul. The top end, cylinders, top induction system and the fuel injection are the same as used on the TCM “Permold” series IO-550-N, P & R engines. The bottom end is the IO-520 / 550 Sand Cast case as currently installed in your aircraft. 520comptable The Tuned Induction Manifold was designed for the TSIO-520-BE in 1984.  The manifold was specifically tuned for the 520 CID engine at 2450 to 2550 RPM.  The engine was designed for the Piper Aircraft PA46-310 and was only approved to operate Lean of Peak (LOP) in cruise mode.  All TCM Cross Flow Engines in IO-550 and TSIO-550 series are a derivative of the TSIO-520-BE.  TCM has never offered a cross flow version (certified) of the Sand Cast 520/550.  All exhaust systems approved for the 206 / 207 are approved for this installation. 550comptable

2700 RPM Constant Speed Comparison

The resulting Power of the cross flow engine is superior to that of the standard IO-550 while allowing for a much improved fuel consumption and cooler running installation.

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