Centurion TN550 – Pricing

Centurion TN550 – Pricing Basic Installation Package
The basic installation package includes a remanufactured Continental Motors IO550P engine with a single 100 amp gear driven alternator, choice of a new “Scimitar” Hartzell 82” or 80” propeller and polished spinner, Atlantic Aero six point engine mount system, pressurized magnetos, overhauled governor, overhauled boost pressure relief valve, new throttle cable, new mixture cable, new dual intercoolers (aftercoolers), Continental overhauled balanced upper deck induction and fuel injection system, Continental altitude compensating fuel pump, Continental turbo oil scavenge pump system, new fuel and oil lines in the engine compartment, new silver or black powder coated baffles and seals, and new brackets and fittings necessary for installation. Pressure and vacuum lines to approved engine data and recording devices are also included. Labor to install the package and prepare the subject airframe to accept the basic installation package at KCYO in Circleville, OH is also included. The oil fill door on the top left engine cowl will be moved necessitating repainting of the cowl. Both front nose bowls will be modified for uniform air induction and flow and will also need to be repainted. One color application is included in the basic installation package. Application of additional colors or striping will be at additional charge. A quote for additional paint work or additional cowl repair from aftermarket intercoolers may be obtained prior to beginning work.

Basic Installation Package — P210N $123,715.00 T210L,M or N $126,915

Possible Options
  • Ultra-FEI AuRACLE Engine Recording and Monitoring Device* Installed Price — add $8,900.00 *The AuRACLE Device or FAA accepted equivalent is required for this STC at this time. Please contact Vitatoe Aviation to discuss alternative means of compliance.
  • New Continental IO550P engine (when available in place of remanufactured) Installed Price — add $7,123.00
  • Hartzell Electric Propeller Deice Package (available only on aircraft previously equipped with electric deice propellers) Installed Price — add $1,925.00
  • TKS Propeller Fluid Deice Package (available only on aircraft previously equipped with TKS deice propellers) Installed Price — add $2,400.00
  • Air conditioning compressor and control cable relocation on aircraft firewall Installed Price — add $1,850.00 Available only on aircraft previously equipped with air conditioning. The existing Cessna compressor will be reused if serviceable. Add $1595 if a new compressor is needed or if being installed on a non-original Cessna system.
  • Remote Oil Filter Mounting Installed Price — add $895.00 Relocates oil filter to left cowl flap area for easier access.
  • Dual 60 Amp Alternators Installed Price — add $2,500.00 Available for aircraft previously equipped with two 60 amp alternators. Includes one 60 amp gear driven alternator and reuses on 60 amp alternator from previous engine.
  • Dual 60 Amp Alternators Installed Price — add $5,500.00 Available for aircraft not previously equipped with two 60 amp alternators. Includes one 60 amp gear driven alternator and one overhauled 60 amp alternator, plus two new solid state voltage regulators. This option may require an added cost propeller pulley to drive the front left belt driven alternator if a propeller pulley is not already installed on the aircraft.
  • GAMI Injectors Installed Price — add $1,595.00 Includes six GAMI Injectors, fuel, and flight tests to tune and adjust injectors for best balanced fuel flow.
  All prices are based on exchange of the subject components. Components removed for the installation become the property of Vitatoe Aviation LLC. Some installed accessory components such as vacuum pumps, supplemental alternators, manifold pressure regulators, etc., may need to be overhauled to comply with the requirements of the Continental IO550P Overhaul Manual. Please discuss with Vitatoe Aviation LLC before work begins. Additional work requested by the Owner will be performed at the standard shop rate in effect at the time the work is performed. Prices are subject to change without notice but are guaranteed at the time an installation is started. Prior to installation, a fifty percent partial payment must be received by Vitatoe Aviation LLC by check or wire transfer. Receipt of the partial payment locks in pricing for the completion of the installation and initiates the engine and propeller order process from Continental and Hartzell. Payment of the balance must be made prior to aircraft delivery or release. The Owner will be presented with a copy of the Vitatoe Aviation LLC TN550 Installation Instructions, Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, and Pilot Operating Handbook Supplement upon completion. Updated Jan 16, 2017

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